Concrete curbing can be formed in many styles and shapes allowing for a unique and custom curb installation. Patterns and colors may also be added to the curb for a perfect match to any landscape. Curbing shapes or molds are available in several sizes and some are intended for specific purposes. Our sales consultant can help you determine which will match you landscaping needs best.

Curbing Shapes
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Stamped and Textured Concrete Curbing

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Stamped concrete curbing adds a beautiful textured finish to the curb. Stamp patterns simulate different styles of stone, brick or tile. Adding a custom color will enhance the look and allow for matching most accent and home colors. All of the stamped concrete curbs are sealed with a high solids clear sealer. Stamps are combined with molds (or shapes) to create a custom curb. Available patterns and molds may change from time to time and not all patterns can be applied to all molds. Our sales consultant will help you find the perfect style for your project.

Curbing Colors

Adding color to curbing allows for matching the curb to house or building colors or simply to add impact to a walkway or patterned curb. Color is mixed into the concrete and will not peel or chip off. Additional sealers and hardners preserve colors from UV fading and may even be used to achieve an antiqued effect.
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